Tax Planning, Compliance and Representation Services

Generally, our tax services fall into one of three areas:


Tax Planning

Tax planning is one of our firm’s core focuses. We assist our clients in choice of legal entity and ownership structure; planning and structuring transactions; identifying the best means of accomplishing the client’s business and financial objectives with the most optimal tax results; identifying and claiming possible tax credits; making appropriate and advantageous tax elections; adoption of most advantageous accounting methods; timing of income and deductions; character of income and deductions; and projecting income tax liabilities in order to plan cash flow accordingly.


Tax Compliance

The best laid tax plans are for naught unless the related returns are prepared in such a way as to reflect the decisions made and reporting positions decided upon in the planning process. The tax return is in some respects the scorecard as to how well we have done our tax planning during the year. Our goal is to prepare our clients’ tax returns in such a manner as to legally minimize their tax liability, while also minimizing exposure to additional tax, penalties and interest, by making appropriate and advantageous elections, adopting the most advantageous accounting methods, and claiming available deductions, credits, and exclusions, while appropriately documenting the facts and reporting positions taken and complying with filing requirements.


Tax Representation

From routine notices to full examinations, we represent our clients in dealings with the Internal Revenue Service, state and local taxing authorities with the goal always being to handle the matter in such a manner as to minimize the likelihood of assessment of additional tax, penalties and interest, or obtaining a tax refund as the case may be, while minimizing disruption to the client.