Helpful Links

For federal tax forms and related instructions, publications and news, see the IRS website:

Internal Revenue Service

For Georgia tax forms and related instructions, see the Georgia Department of Revenue website:

Georgia Department of Revenue

The Atlanta high-tech community has a number of active organizations. Links to a few of their websites are provided below:

Technology Association of Georgia

(TAG is an umbrella organization that incorporates topic specific societies such as the Business & Technology Alliance, Southeastern Software Association, Technology Marketing Association, The Interactive Media Alliance and the Business, Education and Technology Alliance. You can find links to those sites on the TAG homepage.)

MIT Enterprise Forum—Atlanta Chapter

MIT Enterprise Web Site

Harvard Business School Press

Whether it’s a book, case study or article you are looking for, HBS has probably published something on the issue you are facing.

Harvard Business School Web Site

McKinsey Quarterly

Periodic insights from a top strategy consulting firm.

McKinsey Quarterly Web Site


A bi-weekly on-line publication of the Goizueta Business School at Emory.

Emory Knowledge Web Site

High Tech Ministries

Web Site